Signed Samoy

Samoy is a twenty-one year old girl who sounds and thinks younger than she is. She treats the world as a mystery she is yet to discover, but until then you’ll most likely find her sitting in a café, writing and doodling her life away or cycling in the rain, going under small trees and enjoying how its branches brush over her head every time.

She plans to one day travel to the Amazon rainforest, camp and maybe get chewed by the resident predator because cardiac arrest is for the bandwagonist. In the event that she survives, she’ll come back home, write a book on survival and make money out of royalty.

If plan A doesn’t go too well, she’ll go for plan B – work.

Need I say more? You must be one hell of a bored human if you find yourself reading about the author. Hi, I’m Samoy and this is my blog.